We invite you to subscribe to La Prensa, a valuable and historical newspaper, with a discounted rate and continue to show your contribution in the fight for freedom of expression in Nicaragua.

The Ortega government has blocked access to the newspaper, prevented its advertisements, and besieged and harassed their journalists. La Prensa has had to cut a large part of its workers, including withdrawing from the printed edition of El Azote de Guillén.

La Prensa has been with us, in the fight against dictatorships, for independent journalism. Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, its Director-Martyr, offered his life for freedom of expression. La Prensa employees continue to work and risk their lives day by day to inform us.

NFC and La Prensa have reached a special agreement to obtain an exclusive price. The offer allows us to subscribe for three months with a payment of only $ 24 dollars. Subscribe and support leading this campaign by passing this request to the members of your group and on social networks.

Subscription link: https://www.laprensa.com.ni/salvemos-la-prensa

Let’s save La Prensa!