From May 29-June 2, 2019, NFC held a symposium on the diaspora’s work within the current sociopolitical climate in Nicaragua and since the last meeting. The symposium offered diaspora groups the opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities, achievements, and obstacles. Each organization presented their beliefs and lessons learned.

Day one was dedicated to analyzing the current situation in Nicaragua, specifically the repression, was discussed, as well as potential responses to the repression: mobilization and negotiation.

There was a roundtable between the diaspora organizations and UNAB and the Civic Alliance to discuss how to coordinate between them, what the diaspora envisions UNAB and the Alliance’s work is most effective in the fight and what UNAB and the Alliance envisions the diaspora’s role should be.

Day two focused on an International Actors’ Identification Workshop that considered the creative strategies of the international efforts toward democracy in Nicaragua: 1). the complexes to which we adhere; 2). the procedures of proposing political change in Nicaragua; 3). the reason for supporting investments and the limits of such support; 4). the raison d’être of the diaspora organizations; and 5). the different forms of pressure and activism as a diaspora.

Day three centered on the theme of solidarity at home, how groups can collaborate, delegate, and distribute the work while balancing the passion for Nicaragua and professional and family life.

The North American Human Rights Alliance (NAHRA) also gave a presentation describing what it does, its structure, and demographic statistics. NAHRA highlighted specific cases and challenges to its work.