NFC, along with with other organizations from California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., organized a meeting in Miami, FL on February 9-10. The purpose of the meeting was for the the Nicaraguan diaspora in the United States to meet and discuss coordination and joint efforts.

From the meeting, participants formed “Nica Connection USA”, a platform based on principles of shared cooperation in which different ideas can come together to discuss how to return democracy to Nicaragua and its future. 

The platform was created with more than ten Nicaraguan associations  and its aim is to coordinate and perform joint efforts to promote democracy and a culture of peace in Nicaragua. 

This meeting offered an opportunity for participants to listen and learn in detail on the different local experiences and efforts of each participating organization. These experiences and aspirations formed the basis on which Nica Connection USA is incorporated. Their perspectives have shaped a mission as well as a workplan for a democratic and inclusive society that respects everyone’s human rights.

Nica Connection USA is founded with the commitment of eleven organizations, as well as the support of its Honorary President and national glory, Denis Martínez. Mr. Martínez is a former Major League Baseball pitcher.  Like many Nicaraguans in the diaspora, he has joined the group with a profound love and commitment to forge a better future for Nicaragua. This commitment includes, among others, extending an invitation to other organizations sharing the principles adopted so they can join Nica Connection USA, and form part of our efforts.

NFC is grateful to “Corner of Love” for contributing and sponsoring the foundational meeting of “Nica Connection USA”.